Name : Geethanjali P M
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : PHYSICS
Email :

Qualification MSc, B Ed, NET
Present Position
Work Experience 4 years
Total Experience in Current Service
Years (PG)
Years (UG) 4
Research/ Projects
Books/ Publications
  1. Effect of post deposition by UV irradiation on chemical bath deposited tin sulfide thin films, A. C. Dhanya ,  K. Deepa ,  P. M. Geetanjali, M. Anupama,  T. L. Remadevi, Applied Physics A, 2013
Papers Presented in Conferences/ Seminars

  • 1.      Effect of UV Irradiation on SILAR deposited Tin Oxide Thin Films,        P .M. Geethanjali , M .Anupama , A.C.Dhanya , T .L .Remadevi  , Second national seminar, Govt arts college Ooty 2013
  • 2.      Studies on the Effect of Time of Annealing on SILAR Deposited SnO2 Thin Films, P.M.Geethanjali, M.Anupama, A.C.Dhanya, T.L.Remadevi 23RD Swadeshi Science Congress, MG University 2013
  • 3.      Nanocrystallline ZnSe Thin Films Grown Through SILAR Technique, P. M. Geethanjali, T. L. Remadevi  25TH Swadeshi Science Congress, Sree Sankzrzcharya Sanskrit University 2015
  • 4.      Variation of optical properties of ZnSe thinfilms on Mn doping, P. M. Geethanjali, T. L. Remadevi, National Seminar on Frontiers of Nanotechnology, Marthoma College for Women, Perumbavoor, 2017
  • 5.      Effect of Ethanol Concentration in Photo Enhanced Chemically Deposited ZnSe Thin Films, P M Geethanjali, T. L. Remadevi, International conference on Advanced Materials , Nirmalagiri College, 2019
  • 6.      Influence of annealing on Zinc Selenide thin films prepared via chemical route, M.Anupama, P. M. Geethanjali , K Deepa, T.L.Remadevi, Second national seminar, Govt arts college Ooty 2013
  • 7.      Effect of Concentration of Na2SeSOOn the Properties of ZnSe Thin Films, P.MGeethanjali, M.Anupama, K.Deepa , T.L.Remadevi, 23RD Swadeshi Science Congress, MG University 2013
  • 8.      Effect of post deposition thermal treatment on the properties of ZnSe thin films, K. Deepa, A. C. Dhanya, P. M. Geethanjali, T. L. Remadevi,World Congress on Research and Innovations ,St. Josephs college, Thrissur 2013
  •  9   Stuctural, morphological and optical cmparison between UV assisted and chemically deposited Zinc Sulfide films, A. C. Dhanya, K. Deepa,  P. M. Geethanjali, M.Anupama, T. L. Remadevi, 3rd International Science Congress, Karunya University, Coimbatore, 2013

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