Name : Dr. Suresh T P
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : PHYSICS
Email :

Qualification M.Sc. Physics, PhD, BEd. (Physical Science), UGC/CSIR-NET, SET
Present Position Assistant Professor
Work Experience 12
Total Experience in Current Service
Years (PG)
Years (UG) 12
Research/ Projects
Submitted Ph.D. Thesis under the guidance of Dr. K. M.

Udayanandan, Dept. of Physics, Kannur University.
Books/ Publications
1. T. P. Suresh, Lisha Damodaran and K. M. Udayanandan, Gibbs
paradox: Mixing and nonmixing potentials, Physics Education,
Volume 32.No. 3, Jul- Sep 2016.

2. T. P. Suresh, Lisha Damodaran and K. M. Udayanandan, Thermodynamics of polar systems, Physics Education, Volume 32. No. 3,Jul-Sep 2018.

3. T. P. Suresh, K. M. Udayanandan and Vishnu Mayya Bannur,
Mayer convergence and thermodynamics of ideal Bose gas, PramanaJournal of Physics, 4-09-2019 . (Pramana – J. Phys. (2019) 92:45 ©Indian Academy of Sciences

KANDOTH MURKOTH, High density equation of state and
condensation of ideal Bose gas using Mayer’s generating function, Turkish Journal of Physics, 20-09-2018. (Turk J Phys (2018) 42: 668– 674 © TÃœBÄ°TAK doi:10.3906/fiz-1806-19 ).

5. Lisha Damodaran, T. P. Suresh and K. M. Udayanandan, Free
energy analysis of binary alloys at phase transition, Journal for
Foundations and Applications of Physics, vol. 5, No. 2 (2018).

6. Thermodynamics of dipolar hard sphere system. To Physics
Journal . Vol 1 No 3 (2018), ISSN- 2581-7396.

7. T. P. Suresh, K. M. Udayanandan, An alternate derivation for thermodynamics of quantum gases, Academia, A multi-disciplinary Research Journal, Volume- 2, Number- 1, July-December 2016.

8. Lisha Damodaran, T. P. Suresh and K. M. Udayanandan, A Studyof Some simple partition functions, IAPT Bulletin, Volume11,Number 7, July 2019.

9.T. P. Suresh, K. M. Udayanandan,  Bose–Einstein condensation of an imperfect Bose gas using cluster expansion,  (Pramana – J. Phys. (2020) 94:26.
Papers Presented in Conferences/ Seminars
1. T.P. Suresh & K.M. Udayanandan, Quark Gluon Plasma Phase
transition and equation of State. National seminar on Radiation-
Medical, Industrial and Research applications sponsored by KSCSTE, 25,26 Nov. 2016 at Sir Syed College Thaliparamba.
2. T.P. Suresh & K.M. Udayanandan, Hadronization Temperature in
the early universe. UGC sponsored International Conference on
Nonlinear Physics: Theory and Experiment (NPTE-2016), 13,14-
Dec. 2016 at Farook College, Farook.
3. T.P. Suresh & K.M. Udayanandan, 2017. Transition Temperature
of Heavy Quarkonia using Mayer cluster expansion method, 29 th
Kerala Science Congress, 28,29,30 Jan. 2017 at Mathoma college
4. T.P. Suresh & K.M. Udayanandan, 2017. Phase Transition in Non-
ideal Quark Gluon Plasma. 23 rd Raman Memorial Conference, 3, 4
March 2017 at Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune
5. Quark Gluon Plasma Phase Transition, MESMAC International
conference on Existence and Expression: Science, Philosophy and
Art, MES Mambad College, Malappuram, February 2017.
6. Thermodynamics and Condensation of bosons using Mayer’s
generating function, International conference on Innovations and
challenges in Science and Technology (ICICST-2018), Department of science and Humanities, Donbosco Institute of Technology,
Bangalore, May, 2018.
7. Cluster Expansion Series Convergence and Bose Einstein
Condensation, International conference on Advancement in Science
and Technology (ICAST-2018), Department of Physics, Visva-
Bharati, Santhinikethan,3,4 September, 2018.
8. Condensation of non-ideal Nitrogen and Argon using cluster
expansion method, 30th Kerala Science Congress,
KSCSTE,CWRDM and Govt. Brennen College, 28-30 January 2018.
9. Equation of State for a Polar system using Mean Field Theory,
National Seminar on Contemporary Trends in Physics Research,
Department of Physics, Kannur University, 19, 20 March 2018.
10. Bose Einstein Condensation using Mayer’s cluster expansion, 6th National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics and Applications (CMPA 2018), Department of Physics, MIT, MAHE, Manipal, 10,11September 2018.
11. Thermodynamics of Quark Gluon Plasma using Cluster
expansion, 31 st Kerala Science Congress, Poster presentation 2,3-2 - 2019 at Fathima Matha National college, Kollam.
PhD / M Phil/ Projects Guided Projects at PG level:8; Projects at UG level: 24
Awards/ Honours
Positions Held
1.  Member- PG Board of Studies in Physics - Kannur University
(Two years w.e.f. 06.08.2018)
Seminars/ Conferences Organised
1.Coordinator, National Science day celebrations, organized by
Dept. of Physics, Govt. Brennen College, Dharmadam on 11
November- 2009.

2. Coordinator, One Day National Seminar on The Paradigm of
Quantum Mechanics, organized by Dept. of Physics, Govt.
Brennen College, Dharmadam on 3 rd November- 2009.

3. Coordinator, One Day National Seminar on Recent Trends in
Condensed Matter Physics organized by Dept. of Physics,
Govt. Brennen College, Dharmadam on 25 January 2013.
Additional Responsibilities (2019-20)
Convener, Technical Assistance Committee
Member of Extension Programme Committee

Edusat- Orice Committee

CBCSS Committee
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