Name : Dr. Rajeevan E
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : PHILOSOPHY
Email :

Qualification MA, JRF, Ph.D, PGDCP, Post-Doc (UGC)
Present Position
Work Experience 13 Years
Total Experience in Current Service
Years (PG)
10 Years
Years (UG) 10 Years
Research/ Projects Ph.D: Yoga and Psychoanalysis: The Dynamics of Transcending the Present.

Post-Doc: Logical Foundations of Metaphysics: A Comparative Study of Wittgensteinian Philosophy and Sankara Vedanta
Books/ Publications
  1. “Mind- Body Problem: An Historical Survey”. Brennen Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies. Volume 7. 2012. 116-122.
  2. “Rational Account of Consciousness and Epistemic Circularity”. Brennen Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies. Volume 8. 2013. 57-63.
  3. Epistemological Issues in the Neurobiology of Consciousness”. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research. Volume 3, Issue 3(1), March 2014. 43-54.
  4. “Language, Thought and Reality: A Wittgensteinian Critique of Descartes’ Cogito ergo Sum”. Philosophical and Linguistic Theories. Ed. Dr. Beena Isaac and Dr. Rose Mary A. University of Kerala. 2014. pp 150-160
  5. “Consciousness Evolution and Transcendence” Brennen Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies Vol.10: 2015. Pp.7-13.
  6. "Science, Technology and Human Motivation: A Critical Indian Perspective." Satya Nilayam: Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy No.29 (2016): ISSN 0972-5016. pp.47-57.
  7. "On the Liar Sentence: A Fregean Analysis." Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Vol-35, Issue 1 (2017): ISSN 2363-9962. pp.77-87.
  8. "Godel’s Theorem and its Implications." The Researchers Vol-3, Issue 2 (2017): ISSN 2455-4405. pp.81-92.
  9. "Motivational Elements in Yoga: A Conceptual Synthesis". International Journal of Yoga and Allied Sciences Vol.7-1 (2018): ISSN 2278-5159. pp.61-68.
  10. "Overextension of Scientific Methodology: A Study with Paradigmatic Reference to Paradoxes". Star International Journal Vol.6-2(4) (2018): ISSN 2321-676X. pp.13-17.
  11. "The Myth of Being Virtual: On the Question of Identity in Cyber Space". Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences Vol.43-1 (2018): ISSN 0258-1701. pp.85-93.
  12. "The Paradoxes of Motion and Temporal Dimension of the Observer". Review of Social Sciences Vol.19-1 (2018): ISSN 0974-9004. pp.65-76.
  13. A citizen science initiative for open data and visualization of COVID-19 outbreak in Kerala, India”. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, OUP Vol.27 Issue-12. 2020.
Papers Presented in Conferences/ Seminars

International Seminars

  1. “Self-Identity as Transcendental Ideology”  2 Days International Seminar on Identity and Otherness, Dept. of Philosophy, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
  2. “Consciousness, Nature and Culture: An Exploration Based on the Yoga Tradition in India”. 2 Days International Seminar on Dimensions of Indian Philosophy in the Context of Global Culture, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Kerala, on 21&22 Apr 2014.
  3. "Philosophical Counselling and Philosophy in Counselling". International Webinar Series on Philosophical Counselling, Dept. of Philosophy, Panjab University. 07-09-2020.

National Seminars

  1. “Language, Thought and Reality: A Wittgenstenian Critique of Descartes’ Cogito ergo sum”. 3 Days National Seminar on Recent Trends in Philosophical and Linguistic Theories, jointly organised by Dept. of Philosophy and Dept. of Linguistics, University of Kerala, on 9-11 Feb 2010.
  2. “Education and Creativity: What Philosophy Can Do?”. Need of Philosophy as a Core Subject in School and Higher Education, Dept. of Philosophy, Govt. College for Women Thiruvananthapuram on 07-10-2010.
  3. “Bhagavad Gita and Stress Management: A Study Based on the Elements of Ego Dissolution in Bhagavad Gita”. 2 Days National Seminar on Bhagavad Gita- A Re-thinking in the Modern Context, Dept. of Vedanta, Govt. Sanskrit College, Thiruvananthapuram on 07 & 08 Jul 2011.
  4. “Problem of Induction and Axiomatic Validity”. 2 Days National Seminar on Logic and Scientific Method: Scope and Limits, Dept. of Philosophy, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery on 5&6 Feb 2013.
  5. “Literature as the Expression of Self: A Freudian Analysis”. 2 Days National Seminar on New Avenues of Literary and Cultural Theory, Dept. of English, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery on 14&15 Mar 2013.
  6. “On the Scientific Study of Mind”. 2 Days National Seminar on Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness,  Dept. of Philosophy, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery on 14&15 Jan 2014.
  7. “Ethical Concerns in E_Tourism”. 2 Days National Seminar on Emerging Trends in E-Tourism,  Dept. of Tourism and Travel Management, Govinda Pai Memorial Govt. College, Manjeshwar on 29&30 Sep 2014.
  8. “Deep Ecology: The Philosophy Beyond Sustainability”. 3 Days National Seminar on Green Living for Sustainable Development,  Dept. of Botany, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery on 15-17 Oct 2014.
  9. “Culture and Identity”. 2 Days National Workshop on Understanding Cultural Studies,  Dept. of Hindi, Kannur University Neeleswaram Campus on 25&26 Nov 2014.
  10. “Virtual Identity, Authenticity and Social Discourse”. 2 Days National Seminar on  Identity and Rationality in Democratic/ Technocratic Society, Dept. of Philosophy, Arul Anandar College, Madurai on 17&18 Dec 2014.
  11. “Educational Paradigms and Individual Needs: A Philosophical Reflection” 2 Days National Seminar on Higher Education in the Time of Neo-Liberal Globalisation,  Govt. Arts and Science College, Kozhikode on 20&21 Jan 2015.
  12. “Meaning of Meaning: From Syntax to Pragmatics”. National Seminar on Contextualizing ELT,  Dept. of English, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery on 24&25 Nov 2015.
  13. “On Philosophical Implications of Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems”. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Applied Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. College, Madappally on 6&7 Dec 2016.
  14. "Selfless Subjectivity: A Buddhist Approach". National Seminar on Understanding Subjectivity, Dept. of Philosophy, Govt. Brennen College, Thalassery, 12-09-2018.
  15. "Beyond the Hard and Easy Problems: Towards the Impossibility of a Possible Solution". National Seminar on Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Kerala, 06-03-2019.
  16. "Wittgenstein: An Introduction". Five Day Workshop for Teachers on The Foundations of Philosophy and Literary Theory. Dept. of English, Farook College, Calicut. 14-18 Oct 2019.
  17. "Space, Time and the Observer: On the a priori Nature of Chronotopes". Two Day National Seminar on New Ecologies and Neo-Chronotopes: Evolution of Space-Time in Contemporary Art and Literature, Dept. of English and Oriental Languages, CKGM Govt. College, Perambra. 24-25 Oct 2019.
  18. "Buddhist Logic and the Paradoxical Nature of Reality". National Seminar on Philosophical Reflections. Dept. of Philosophy, Maharajas College, Ernakulam. 16-18 Dec 2019.
  19. “Analytic Philosophy: Positivism as a Scientific and Sociological Method”. Philosophy Colloquium 2020, Dept. Od Aqueeda and Philosophy, Darul Huda Islamic University, 07-03-2020.
  20. “Essentialism and Relativism”. Webinar Series on Social and Cultural Theories, Dept. Of History, Sri. C Achutha Menon Govt. College, Thrissur. 17-07-2020.

Invited Lectures:

  1. Digital Logic”. Orientation Programme at UGC-ASC Kerala University on 31-07-2010.
  2. “Informatics”. Orientation Programme at UGC-ASC Kerala University on 05-08-2010
  3. Philosophy of Informatics”. ICPR Periodical lecture, Dept. Of Philosophy, SN College, Kollam on 05 Jan 2012.
  4. “Environmental Ethics”. Refresher Course in Environmental Studies, UGC, ASC, University of Calicut on 10 Jan 2015.
  5. “Environmental Ethics”. Special Summer School (Interdisciplinary Refresher Course), UGC, ASC, University of Calicut on 19 May 2015.
  6. “Science, Values and Environment”. Dept. of Botany, Govt. Brennen College on 24 Nov 2015.
  7. “Wittgenstein on Metaphysics” Dept. of Philosophy, SSUS (RC) Payyannur on 16 Mar 2016.
  8. “Philosophy of Science” Taliparamba Arts and Science College, Taliparamba on 21 Nov 2016.
  9. “Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics”. Taliparamba Arts and Science College, Taliparamba on 22 Nov 2016.
  10. “Education and Individual Needs” MHRD-TLC, University of Calicut on 10-03-2017.
  11. “Philosophies of Education”. UGC-MHRD, University of Calicut on 10-03-2017.
  12. "The Concept of Freedom. National College of Arts and Science, Nadapuram on 07 Nov 2017.
  13. “Godel and Philosophy”. Dept. of Philosophy, Madras Christian College, Chennai on 15 Dec 2017.
  14. Paradoxes: The Acid Test for Truth”. ICPR Periodical Lecture, Dept. of Philosophy, Govt. College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram on 12 Jan 2018.
  15. “Research Methodology”. Orientation Programme for PG Students at Dept. of Anthropology, Kannur University on 05 Nov 2018.
  16. "Truth in the Age of Information Overload”. ICPR Periodical Lecture, Dept. of Philosophy, Sree Keralavarma College, Thrissur on 6 Dec 2018.
  17. “Philosophical Foundations of Counselling Psychology”. Dept. Of Philosophy, SSUS, Kalady on 07 Feb 2019.
  18. "The Logic of Paradoxes". Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Payyannur (RC) on 15 Mar 2019.
Additional Responsibilities (2019-20)
  1. Convenor, Research and Project Committee
  2. Member, Planning Committee
  3. Member, Counselling Committee
Other Information
  1. Worked as State Website Administrator for DCE Scholarships (2010-11).
  2. Worked as mentor for Acquire Scholarships.
  3. Member, Ethical Committee, Govt. Homeo Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram.
  4. Worked as Trainer, Life skill development programme.
  5. Worked as Trainer, Soft skill development programme.
  6. Worked as Resource person for “Certificate Course in Yoga and Meditation”, CACEE, University of Kerala.
  7. Worked as Resource person for “PG Diploma in Yoga for Health Promotion”, CACEE, University of Kerala.
  8. Resource person in "Certificate in Yoga". State Resource Centre, Kerala.