BSc Physics Lab & MSc Physics Lab

Department of Physics provides lab facilities for BSc and MSc students. The experimental methods followed in the Physics UG lab opens up a new arena for the students (Core and complimentary) to start and proceed with manual measurement practices that naturally enhance their dexterity which is an essential skill requirement for their advanced studies. The syllabus covers experiments from different branches of physics including mechanics, heat, optics, electricity, magnetism, electronics and solid state physics. PG experiments are some more specific. Students do experiments using  G M Counter, Thomson’s e/m apparatus, Hall probes, Different bridges Four probe method for Band gap energy, Electron spin resonance meter, lasers,  spectra analysis using spectrometers along with electronics experiments both analogue and digital. Besides these labs we have a computer lab with internet facility. Students can do programming as per the syllabus as well as they can access different educational web sites and download files for education and self-improvement. Research is inseparable part of education. Projects in UG and PG level help the students to improve research skills. Many of the projects are done using our lab facilities.

Lab Equipment priced more than 50000

1.      G M Counter with sources Cobalt 60 and Nickel

2.      Digital LCR Meter