A  Centre started with the assistance of PTA  in memmory  of veteran Novelist Potheri Kunhambu  in the year  2017.The centre promote innovative studies in regional culture of Thalassery.conduct add on course in cultural studies for our students.

The chair, in the name of a forgotten writer who authored the novel 'Saraswativijayam' in 1892,  Though the novel, which portrayed the life of an oppressed Dalit who scaled heights in life with the help of English education, thus highlighting the importance of education, was socially relevant at that time, he was snubbed because he fought against casteism and also spent his wealth for the education of the dalits and the oppressed. It is not just the literary quality of a work but the social circumstances that enable the re-reading of a literary work, observed Kapikad. The re-reading of the novel of Potheri Kunjambu became possible when the spaces hitherto not explained in the society were discussed, . The chair aims to do subaltern studies in the literary sphere and also conduct more researches in connection with the contributions of Thalassery in the literary field, .