• Two day national seminar on “Recent Advances in Chemistry – RAC 2015” organized by  Department of Chemistry, Govt. Brennen College sponsored by Directorate of Collegiate Education On 14 th and 15 th December 201
  • One day seminar on “Nanofibers based on natural polymers” jointly organized by Department of Chemistry, Govt. Brennen College and KTK foundation on 12th August 2015
  • Sri. Jyothis Paul P., HSST Physics, Govt. Higher Secondary School Aralam, has delivered a lecture on Career Guidance and Counselling in the PTA sponsored seminar conducted by Department of Chemistry, held on 4th December 2015 at Govt Brennen College Thalassery.
  • Exhibition in connection with 125th year celebration of Govt. Brennen College from 14-01-16 to 18-01-2016.